The International Dude Of Leisure's 3 Rules of Success

The following three rules were inspired by a conversation I recently had over pints with International Dude of Leisure, Jay Deachman (professional drummer, Theory Of A Deadman, Default, Loverboy). He trusted me with the job to expand on all of the details for you, but only if I gave him proper attribution for the brilliant simplicity of his three-point plan to success. 

Drummers, eh? Always wanting credit for something as simple as counting to three.

1.  Don't Suck. 

This point really shouldn't need expanding on, but if it does... then you're in real trouble. 

You have to kick ass at what you do. You have to be better than the rest. You must excel and soar above your peers. You need to make people feel ashamed for wanting to continue, because you're just that bloody good. 

If you're admittedly mediocre (or less), then don't expect success just yet. Instead, expect many more hours of hard work and persistence practicing your craft.

2.  Be Cool. 

Don't blow your load too soon. That's right, I just used a sexual reference. Get over it, this is a rock n' roll blog after all. 

Now that you cleared Step 1 and you're obviously making people's jaws drop, don't lose your cool when it comes to the business side of things. Don't get over-eager when meeting and dealing with potential business partners
(managers, labels, agents, promoters). The same goes with your fans, both online and in person. Don't get all wrapped up in your mid-level success by bragging about things that haven't happened yet or by copping a bullshit attitude.

Stay humble, stay modest, be polite and respectful. Remain calm, cool and collected at all times. This type of attitude
exudes confidence. And nothing is more compelling or sexy than that.

3.  Have Drive. 
You need to be passionate about what you're doing. If you have that, then an impressive work ethic will come naturally to you. You need to have a constant nagging and burning desire to work your ass off, harder than the guy next to you. Remember, there will always be someone right behind you who will be willing to work longer, harder, smarter and more creatively than you. 
1, 2, 3 Steps to Success

Regardless of how awesome everything else is about you, if you're not being competitive on sheer will and detemination, the other guy wins. Make sure you're doing everything you can, and more, to continually create amazing opportunities for yourself. And never stop, regardless of your current success. 

It makes sense, doesn't it? If you kick ass at what you do, if you're super cool and personable, and if you have an unwavering passion with a dedicated work ethic... success awaits you!

Now, be cool daddy-o and if you dig this here little blog post, be social and share it eh?

—Brian Thompson

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